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Reduce, Reuse, REFILL

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    Transform your household cleaning routine with Reduce, Reuse, REFILL! Our subscription bundle includes plant-based eco friendly cleaning concentrates, infused with antibacterial essential oils and a non-toxic formula. Simply pour into a 16 oz glass spray bottle, add water, and enjoy top to bottom house cleaning. 


    1 Multi-Surface Cleaner
    1 Antibac Toilet Cleaner
    1 Tub & Tile Cleaner

    How to Use

    Pour concentrate into 16 oz spray bottle, fill with water and shake to get cleaning. Use cleaner per individual label instructions.

    Reduce, Reuse, REFILL

    Ingredients Matter

    Cleaning product labels shouldn't read like a science expirment. That's why you'll only find a handful of pure, non-toxic ingredients in Plantiful Cleaning products. No synthetic fragrances, petroleum or sulfates—just plants as mother nature intended.