non-toxic cleaning


say goodbye to cleaning dread

Step into a world where cleanliness meets nature's embrace. We're passionate about cultivating a space that's free from toxins and bursting with the vibrant energy of plants. We cultivate cleaning products that not only tackle messes with gusto but do so without the harsh touch of chemicals or the burden of plastic packaging. It's a delightful dance of sustainability and efficacy, where every swipe brings joy to your home and the environment.

turn cleaning into a joyous, zen-like experience

  • Refill Recharge

    Eco-conscious home cleaning with concentrated refillable magic

  • Clean Living

    None of the harsh stuff, just plants + minerals for a no-tox home

  • Scent Refresh

    Banish germs and bad moods with antibacterial essential oils

refill routine

✦ Recyclable, paper based refills

✦ Reusable, eco glass bottles

✦ Add water and get cleaning


clean with gusto