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Reusable Glass Spray Bottle

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    Glass, Bamboo, Cork, Plastic (nozzle)

    Put an end to single use plastic bottles destined for the landfill. The reusable glass bottle is easy to fill and boasts a swank cork sleeve bottom for a soft landing. And not to mention, a much better aesthetic in your home!

    • 16oz Capacity
    How to Use

    Unscrew nozzle and pour Plantiful Cleaning Concentrate into bottle. Fill with warm water and shake to activate cleaner.

    Reusable Glass Spray Bottle
    Reusable Glass Spray Bottle

    How It Works

    Add Concentrate

    Pour concentrate into Plantiful Reusable glass spray bottle.

    Fill With Water

    Fill bottle with water and gently shake to activate.

    Start Cleaning

    Use cleaner as directed on label and experience the therapeutic scent of triumph.