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The Clean Cycle

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    Banish stains and indulge in a naturally scented, aromatic journey with our no-tox laundry powder infused plant enzymes and essential oils. Complete your routine and part ways with harmful fabric softener sheets, thanks to our lavender buds dryer sachets. Good for up to 15 uses!


    1 Laundry Powder (32 oz) up to 16 loads
    1 Pack Lavender Dryer Sachets (2)

    How to Use

    Eco Laundry Powder:
    Scoop 1/4 cup of powder into washer dispenser. Wash on desired cycle in hot or cold water. HE compatible.

    Lavender Buds Dryer Sachets
    Place one sachet in dryer with clothing or linens. Dry on desired cycle. Reusable up to 15x each sachet.

    The Clean Cycle

    Ingredients Matter

    Cleaning product labels shouldn't read like a science expirment. That's why you'll only find a handful of pure, non-toxic ingredients in Plantiful Cleaning products. No synthetic fragrances, petroleum or sulfates—just plants and minerals as mother nature intended.