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say goodbye to cleaning dread

Ever notice how when the house is clean, it's like a big, relaxing exhale? At Plantiful Clean, we're all about turning cleaning into a joyous, zen-like experience. Our products are like magic wands for your home, waving away dirt and stress with every swipe. Packed with therapeutic essential oils, they not only banish grime but also sprinkle a little serenity and calmness into the air. Say goodbye to cleaning dread and hello to a home that's not just clean, but soul-soothingly serene for you and the planet.

Because who said chores can't be fun.


good, clean vibes for the home

  • concentrated refills

    We're all about kicking harmful ingredients and wasteful packaging to the curb. These concentrated cleaning refills are like nature's little helpers, packed full with plants and minerals that'll make your home sparkle without harming the planet. And guess what? Our packaging is as smart as it is stylish, cutting down on single use plastic waste with a pouch made from 95% paper.

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  • laundry care

    Liquid detergents are over 90% water. Save water and get a more concentrated clean with powder. Now with stain fighting enzymes!

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  • dish care

    Leaving no trace behind, our Dish Soap Bar is a zero waste cleaning go-getter with lush suds guaranteed to provide sparkling clean dishes.

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