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Plantiful Clean Start Kit

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    Transform your home into a Plantiful Clean space with our Clean Start Bundle. This set includes 3 reusable glass spray bottles and 3 powerful concentrates, infused with plant cleaning enzymes and antibacterial essential oils, for a home that shines. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a naturally clean and sparkly home.


    • 3 glass spray bottles
    • 1 multipurpose cleaner
    • 1 tub & tile cleaner
    • 1 antibac toilet cleaner

    Plantiful Clean Start Kit

    How It Works

    Add Concentrate

    Pour concentrate into Plantiful Reusable glass spray bottle.

    Fill With Water

    Fill bottle with water and gently shake to activate.

    Start Cleaning

    Use cleaner as directed on label and experience the therapeutic scent of triumph.